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imageHello I am Harvey, I am a retired federal government of Canada employee who happens to love music. I have loved music from a very early age and because of my opportunity to have been born in Jamaica, growing up in England and working in Canada, I have had the opportunity to listen, dance, and make love to some of the best popular music created in the twentieth century. I am talking about Reggae, the British Sound and American Rhythm and Blues (R&B) and Soul music. All of this is just fantastic music, but did you know that American R&B and Soul music influenced the creation of a lot of that other music I grew up listening to and enjoying?

The great thing about growing up in England was the exposure to all three genres of music as they developed. Before the Mersey Beat began and the rest of the British Sound emerged, I remember listening to groups like the Coasters, The Deep River Boys, and the Drifters. Singing along with solo singers like Ben E. King, Clyde McPhatter, Solomon Burke, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles. I was fortunate that my parents also loved music and dancing so I got the chance to play all this wonderful music on their “Telefunken” Radiogramme. Being too young to purchase music at the time most of what I listened to was their music catalog.
When groups like Booker T and the MGs, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and Otis Redding came on the scene things just exploded. I was in my teens and kind of shy, but when the music played it gave me a freedom and took me through those difficult teenage years. I remember going to concerts where we would get to see several of these American stars all on the same bill or they would be the opening act for British bands like the Rolling Stones or Dusty Springfield. A whole generation became of age with Lulu’s “To Sir With Love”. We all remember that special girl we dance with to “When I Man Loves A Woman”.

When I immigrated to Canada I thought I had died and gone to heaven, where I had access to more R&B and Soul music and the artists who recorded the music. I became a Disc Jockey for weddings and parties and started to collect vinyl, eight track tapes, cassettes, CDs and now MP3 downloads. I spent many weekends travelling to Montreal to see live bands like Sam and Dave, James Brown and many others. My travelling also included trips to the USA to purchase music that was not yet released in Canada. What a journey to be able to go to shows to see Southern Soul, Northern Soul, Blue-eyed Soul Artists, it is a journey I am still on.

So why start a website like this? It is really simple. Two situations come to mind. The first was while I was reading a newspaper and I came across an article that asked the question “whether vinyl was making a come back?” For me, who has a moderate collection, it never left. The article mentioned collectors in Japan, Jamaica and Miami, Florida, who were looking for particular 45s, EPs or LPs from various artists. After reading the article I realised that I actual had some of the records, but being a collector I do not have any intention of separating from them.  There is nothing nicer than to sit in front of a couple of turntables and spin a few discs for a few hours, which for me can be a whole day.

The second situation was while I was at dinner with a few colleagues and we got around to music and how the music in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s could evoke your emotions or memories, whether it be happiness, sadness, joy, or love. You could fall in love, date and break up all without saying to much. Just let the music play. Now these individuals sitting around the table were from across Canada and we were having dinner in Toronto. I would have loved to continue the discussion, but time was not on our side. That is when I realised that there are people around the world who still collect music (vinyl), that come together to listen and reminisce about a time when soul music conquered the world. I thought why not create a one stop place online where people can come together to reminisce, discuss and even find that song or artist that brought them through those teenage years and into adulthood. Wouldn’t it be neat to speak to someone in Vancouver, Tokyo, Chicago, Jamaica about Sam Cooke or the Temptations, Stax Records and the artists on that label? That is why are wanted to create this site so the lovers of soul music can get together.

If you are a lover of R&B and soul no matter what type drop me a line at harvey@everlasting-soul.com

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