All I Do Is Think Of You – Troop

Hello folks, welcome to another edition of “Soulful Sunday,” where when the mouth cannot say what the heart wants to, the music does.
I am still on the R&B, Soul, Romantic-Soul and Quiet Storm music of the late 1980s and early 90s. Today I have one group, two duets, and solo artist. I am sure you will reminisce about where you were or who you were with when these songs were released. I hope it was a memorable moment in time for you.

Starting us our today is another teenage group following in the footsteps of the Jackson 5, and New Edition. In fact, Troop won a national show lip-syncing to a New Edition song.
Their success on the show Puttin’ On The Hits placed the group in the purview of several record labels. They eventually signed with Atlantic Records, where they released their first album. The released single from that album “Mamacita,” would rise to Number Two on the R&B Charts.
It would be their second album that would make this group another teenage idol. The group would do a cover of a Jackson 5 number that would reach Number One and stay in the Top Ten for at least ten weeks.
Here is Troop with “All I Do Is Think Of You.”

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