Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

I am ready to stroll on down the lane and visit my favourite “watering hole,” although it is not water I have in mind. I close this session with another popular child artist that the world fell in love with when he debuted with his brothers as the Jackson 5. Interestingly enough he was five when he joined his brother and became the lead vocalist in the group.
Everyone could see from the start that Michael was a very talented artist. There are singers or musicians that not only play or sing the song, you can see that the music and them become one and that is when we the audience experience and feel the song as it should be felt.
Michael for whatever reason decided to go solo and left the Jackson compound. He released several albums, notably, “Got To Be There,” and “Ben,” but it was his “Off The Wall,” album that would earn him the nickname “King of Pop.” That album became the best selling album of all times. The other album most people remember Michael for is “Thriller.” Both these albums would be produced by Quincy Jones.
Here is Michael Jackson with one of the songs off the Thriller album “Billie Jean.”
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