Black Pearl – Sonny Charles And The Checkmates

I was getting brunch and of course, listening to some classic R&B and Soul. I like to start my Sundays, with some old classics and Blue Mountain Coffee. Anyways this song came on and I said wow, it has been a long time that I have not thought or heard it played. Boy did it bring back memories of Mel and Tim’s “Backfield In Motion,” and the next song “Black Pearl.”
The 1960s was in the heart of segregation and Civil Rights. The writers of this song, Toni Wine, Irwin Levine and Phil Spector decided to write a song that a Black man might sing to his woman. Phil Spector would produce the song and use his famous “Wall of Sound.”
The group they used to sing and record the song is Sonny Charles and Checkmates Ltd. The group was discovered by Jazz singer Nancy Wilson. The unique thing about the group was that it was a diverse band, made up of both Black and White members. Their only hit was “Black Pearl.”
Here is Sonny Charles and the Checkmates Ltd with “Black Pearl.”

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