Brown Girl In The Ring – Boney M

Got to run folks, but it was hard choosing this week’s Flashback Friday,” picks, hope you enjoy. Lots of things to do today before heading back home, relaxing with a little libation and definitely some great music.
Last week I featured a group that was created in Germany, but all the members are from the Caribbean. Yes, I am talking about Boney M.
If you recall the group was created by a German record producer, Frank Farian to do television interviews and guest spots. The group became enormously popular in European discos and the United Kingdom and had several major hits.
I have included this next song because it was a popular children’s rhyme in the Caribbean and we need some heat up in here today with the -20C temperature.
As I close off “Flashback Friday,” remember to check us out on “Soulful Sunday,” and we know what this Sunday will be so come back and get ready to dance into 2018.
Signing off with Boney M and “Brown Girl In The Ring.”

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