Come Share My Love – Miki Howard

In the early 1980s, we had singers like Anita Baker, Toni Braxton and my next singer Miki Howard. These women added a blend of Gospel, Jazz and R&B. This mix was to provide them with several hits. Miki Howard was born into a musical family. Both mother and father were members of two top Gospel groups. Her father Clay Graham sang with the Pilgrim Jubilees and her mother Josephine Howard was a member of the Caravans.
With such a family background it was not unusual for Miki to see the like of Billy Preston or Fat Domino visiting her home.
Miki sang with a group called Side Effect and did background vocals for Jazz artists like Stanley Turrentine, Roy Ayers and Grover Washington Jr.
Miki would sign a contract with Atlantic Records in the early 1980s and release her first album with the name of our next selection.
Let us listen to Miki Howard and “Come Share My Love.”

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