Daniel – Sir Elton John

Hello on a cloudly and cool “Soulful Sunday,” in Ottawa. I can tell you it is a far cry from 30C to 13C, but that is the difference in temperature I am experiencing. All good, with the music I feel like I am in a heatwave.
This week I thought it would be appropriate to add a little Blue-Eyed Soul. There are some stars that crossover between genres. Whether it is Black artists crossing over into the Pop charts or White artists that do the same and have hits in the R&B charts.
One such artist is Sir Elton John.As some of you will know, Sir Elton is on his farewell tour. On September 30, 2018, he performed and said goodbye to Ottawa.
Elton Hercules John, was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, in England, but changed his name after meeting his longtime co-songwriter Bernie Taupin in 1967. The name Elton John is in honour of two other musicians, Elton Dean who was a member of Elton’s first band and Long John Baldry. He officially became Elton Hercules John in 1972.
Elton started playing the piano around the age of three. In his own words, he was one of those students that did not have to really study hard. His talent was very natural. He has the capacity to hear a musical piece and can play it back without seeing the sheet music.
Both his parents were lovers of music. His father a trumpeter in an amateur big band and his mother, who bought the music of the period. It was this music by Bill Haley and Elvis Presley that influenced Elton’s love of Rock and Roll.
I can remember going to nightclubs and “house parties in Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec in 1973, and dancing to Elton John’s hits like “Crocodile Rock,” and my first song for today “Daniel.” At house parties, the DJ always played slow songs in between the hot dance tunes. Some of us, of course, met our partners because of that practice.
Here is Sir Elton Hercules John singing “Daniel.”

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