Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid

Hello Everlasting-Soul followers, we are in the countdown for that magical day. Most of you are going to be running around doing some last minute shopping. Others will be packing the car or suitcases to head to spend the holidays on a beach somewhere warm or to spend time with loved ones.
To get you in the spirit or keep the spirit growing, I have selected a few soulful Christmas songs you might have heard. Some of them are the traditional songs but sung by an R&B, Soul, Pop, or Hip-Hop artists. Some are written and recorded by the same artists we have come to love over the years.
Who remembers the famine that was rocking Ethiopia in 1984? Well, my first selection was the brainchild of Bob Geldorf. He got a bunch of mostly British and Irish musician in a studio to record a song from which the proceeds would be used for famine relief in Ethiopia.
I chose this song because we should remember that as we sit down with family and friends for a meal, that there are people right in our own city and around the world that are not as fortunate.
Here is the star-studded group Band-Aid with “ Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

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