Drift Away – Dobie Gray

My next artist has been known to record under the names, Leonard Ainsworth, Larry Curtis, and Larry Dennis, but we know him as Dobie Gray. On his birth records his parents are shown as Jane and Jethro C. Brown, and his name as Lawrence Darrow Brown. So we can assume his real name is Lawrence Darrow Brown.
Dobie is known to perform Soul, R&B, Pop and Country. His grandfather was a Baptist minister so it is safe to say he started out singing Gospel. In the 1960s Dobie left Texas and headed for the bright lights in Los Angeles.
His first breakthrough was a number called “In Crowd,” the song would later be covered by Ramsey Lewis as an instrumental and by British artist Petula Clark.
His biggest hit has been my next selection “Drift Away.”
Dobie’s third big hit was “Loving Arms,” that has been covered by several artists both R&B, Reggae and Country.
Let’s listen to Dobie Gray with “Drift Away.”

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