Eighteen With A Bullet – Pete Wingfield

Hello, Soul music fans, this is “Soulful Sunday,” and I am bringing you some known numbers and a couple not so known. We are approximately 16 days away from Christmas and 17 days from Kwanzaa. How are you planning to celebrate either or both celebrations? I have course will celebrate Christmas with my family (brother, sister daughters and Grand Children).
I usually start playing Christmas music in the car now and then in the house closer to the day. My sister works in stores during the week so she hears this music day in and day out. So out of respect, I refrain from playing it in the house until closer to the day.
When I am in Jamaica, I tend to observe Kwanzaa more than in Canada. I do observe the seven days online with my friend Yashika.
I will, of course, select a few Soulful Christmas songs that some of you may have not heard or knew existed, probably next week.
Right now let us start with someone from across the Big Pond who played in several bands, but mostly as a session player.
Pete Wingfield, started out as a teen magazine reporter, focusing on Soul Music. He then became a member of a group called Pete’s Disciples while attending University. He would switch bands while at university for the band called Jellybread.
He left the band in 1970 and began playing session keyboard for a number of artists like B.B. King, Lightin’ Slim, Memphis Slim, Nazareth, Van Morrison and the Hollies.
He would join another band the Olympic Runners in the mid-70s and release an album with our first song.
Back in those days if a song was active and rising on the charts, a bullet would be attached to it on the charts and that is what Pete Wingfield is referring.
Here is Pete Wingfield and “Eighteen With A Bullet.”

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