Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday – William Bell

Hello “Soulful Sunday,” followers I feel really great sharing the Sunday before Christmas with you all. Listening to some of the best Christmas songs sung by some of the greatest R&B, Soul and Gospel artist of our time.
It is really incredible, I finished doing my shopping today and it was primarily for groceries, not presents. I remember when my daughters were small how I would rush around even on Christmas Eve trying to find the toys they wished for.
As I traversed the Malls this year I noticed several families trying to find that popular toy that every toy store had sold out. My year was the Cabbage Patch Kids. I literally went from one end of the city to the other searching for this toy. I eventually did find it and the look on my daughter’s face Christmas Day is priceless and a great memory.
My first selection is one of the original Soul Men. Not many followers of R&B, Blues and Soul music recognize the name William Bell, but he along with Booker T, wrote one of the top Blues songs ever. “Born Under A Bad Sign,” was originally recorded by Blues legend Albert King, but most modern-day followers only remember the version released by either Cream or Eric Clapton.
Well, William went on to write and record several big hits for himself that established him as a Romantic-Soul artist. Two songs that automatically come to mind are “You Don’t Miss Your Water,” and “I Forgot To Be Your Lover.” He had many more but I will leave those for another day.
Here is William Bell with a Christmas Song “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday.”

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