Everyday People – Sly & The Family Stone

Sly Stone and the Family Stone were a strong part of the “Love Generation.” Another group that gave an up close and personal example of diversity. Sly “Stone,” Stewart and his band of musicians had gender, and race covered. The band was way ahead of its time not only in the concept of diversity, but by incorporating Rock, R&B, and Soul, they became one of the first Funk bands.
In this song written by Sly Stone, he thought we could solve most of the world’s problems if we would just adopted the Hippie concept of “Peace and Love.” This song at the time was really a novel thought for the period it which it was released. The song was infectious along with another of the band’s releases “Stand.”

Here is Sly & The Family Stone and “Everyday People.”

Source of some information:https://www.songfacts.com

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