Each month I will post a feature on one of the influential artists or groups in Soul Music. We are speaking of artists like James Brown, Sam Cooke, Ben E, King, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Prince and groups like Parliament, Earth, Wind and Fire and Zapp. I will also feature artists that form the sub-genres like Southern, New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia, Blue-Eyed and Northern soul.

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  1. Even though he was from a different generation, I have always enjoyed watching James Brown perform! He is very engaging and it is hard to take your eyes off him. I went to a Bruno Mars concert and he reminded me a lot of James Brown. Have you seen Bruno? How do you think he compares?

    1. Hello Scott, there must be a reason why so many artists have sampled James Brown’s movements and music and if you sit down and follow his innovative changes in soul music you can see why Although he gave himself a lot of the pseudonyms, he did live up to each one. Bruno is one of the few new artists that seems to get the idea of exciting the audience. I have not seen him in person. He came to Ottawa, but I was out of the country at the time. I have seen him on TV and I am interested in seeing him. Maybe I will bribe one of my grandchildren to go with me.

  2. Hello Harvey, I loved reading your post. You carefully helped a novice like me start liking James Brown. I didn’t know he had so much to do with soul music as we have it today. I love and play R&B. I play the Saxophone, and I’m crazy about Siul Music.
    So reading such an impactful post is quite inspiring.
    Thanks for the post and keep up with such amazing stories.

    1. Hey Nnanna, not a problem. Back in the day his band and Otis Redding’s band were considered the best in the industry. As a musician you understand the term “tight”. We’ll both these bands were extremely tight. The sax is an instrument I always loved, in any genre of music. There will be more feature artists as my website develops, sty linked

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