Give It To Me Baby – Rick James

We end this week’s Flashback Friday, with another Motown Alumni. Not a mega star like the others this week, but an extremely talented musician and lyricist. I am referring to Mr. Rick James. Some say if it was not for his writing ability, Motown would not have lasted as long as it did.
Motown back in 1980 needed a change of direction if it was to stay relevant in the Pop and R&B worlds. Along came James Ambrose Johnson, aka Rick James, who brought the Funk to Motown and took the company of life support.
Rick James had been with Motown earlier when he was with a Canadian group that would become “The Buffalo Springfield.” The Mynah Birds was ripe with talent, Neil Young, and Bruce Palmer, Buffalo Springfield, Goldy McJohn, and Nick St. Nicolas, Steppenwolf.
Now how did Rick James, who was born in Buffalo, New York, end up in Toronto? Well apart from just wing down the highway from Toronto, he had deserted the United States Navy and escaped to Toronto. He would later serve one year in prison for desertion after he was captured returning to the United States.
Let us end off with Rick James and “Give It To Me Baby.”
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