Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye

“The Prince of Soul,” was born Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr. His family was heavy into the church with his father being a Pastor.
His beginnings were similar to all the top Soul artists, in the church. Once he decided to enter secular music he sang with a Doo Wop group called the Marquees. He also spent time with Harvey Fuqua and the New Moonglows at Chess Records, before both he and Harvey Fuqua switched to Motown Records.
Throughout most of his teenage life, Marvin and his father were constantly in arguments.
Marvin at first would record the songs that Barry Gordy and Smokey Robinson wrote, but later on, in his career, he would start to write and record his own songs.
Here is one of Marvin’s Dance tunes “Got To Give It Up.”

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