I Want To Thank You – Sam & Dave

No other duo really epitomized Southern Soul like Sam Moore and Dave Prater or Sam & Dave as we came to know them.
The came together in 1961, but did not record any hit until they signed with Atlantic Records, who convinced their partner company Stax/Volt Records to record them. Enter Isaac Hayes and David Porter, the writing duo behind most of Stax/Volt’s hits.
Hayes and Porter were like Holland-Dozier-Holland were to Motown Records. Most of Sam & Dave’s hits were from Hayes and Porter. Songs like “Soul Man,” that gave the title to the Samuel Jackson and Bernie Mack movie.
In the early years in their lives, both Sam and Dave sang Gospel in their churches. Dave sang with his older brother in Gospel group called The Sensational Hummingbirds who released a song in the 1950s called “Lord Teach Me.” Sam would record a song with a Doo Wop group called The Majestics also in the 50s.
Apart from Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave probably had the most Soul songs in the top 20, during the 1960s.
They were often introduced as the “Dynamic Duo,” or “Double Dynamite,” but that was not only for their stage performance but the arguments they would have off stage. That eventually would be their demise as a duo.
Let us listen to Sam & Dave with “I Want To Thank You.”

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