I’ll Be Good To You – Quincy Jones, Ray Charles & Chaka Khan

Good “Flashback Friday,” everyone. “A wah gwaan? Just thought I would add a little Jamaican Patois to make it real.
It is Friday morning here in sunny Jamaica, and already it is a 32C and very little breeze, but all is good. It is also my last weekend here on this beautiful island before returning to Ottawa, Canada, so I will be partying like it is 1999 if you know what I mean, and the party starts now.
Starting us off today is my man Quincy Jones, who is joined by Ray Charles and Chaka Khan on this first number.
Quincy Jones has composed songs for artist like Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, The Brothers Johnson, and Celine Dion. He has written television and movie scores such as The Pawnbroker, In The Heat Of The Night, In Cold Blood, The Italian Job, Roots, The Colour Purple, Ironside, and Sanford And Son. The list is too large to be listed here.
Quincy started his musical career as a trumpeter and played in several big bands during the 1950s.
One of the biggest influences on his musical career has been his longtime friend Ray Charles who he met when he was 14 and Charles 16.
Here is Quincy Jones with Ray Charles and Chaka Khan with “I’ll Be Good To You.”

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