I’m In Love – Evelyn Champagne King

I am sure everyone remembers Evelyn “Champagne,” King, when she burst on to the scene in 1977. It was refreshing to get a new dance beat and a different type of female Soul singer.
Born in the Bronx, New York, to a musical family, the die was set. Her Uncle worked with Lena Horne at the famous “Cotton Club. Her father sang backup for artists appearing at “The Apollo Theater,” and her mother managed bands.

The family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while she was young and that is where she was raised. That is also where she was discovered, while helping her mother clean office buildings.

She was quickly signed to a contract with RCA Records, where she released her first single “Dancin’ Dancin’ Dancin’.” The song, however, that would propel her to stardom came off her first album, “Smooth Talk,” and rose to Number One on the Soul and Dance Charts.
Evelyn would pump out several major hits on the Soul and Dance Charts and would be very popular into the mid-1980s. Even when people were calling the death of Disco, Evelyn was weathering the storm and even survived and was still pumping out hits like the one we are about to here.
Let us listen to Evelyn “Champagne,” King singing one of her Number One hits, “I’m In Love.”

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