Jumping Jack Flash – Aretha Franklin

Hello Guys and Dolls, “Flashback Friday,” is here and it is time to listen and move to some R&B, Soul, Dance, Hip Hop and Disco music.
As you know last week we lost the “Queen of Soul,” and I played a view of her many fabulous songs. All of this week I have been seeing others paying tribute to Aretha Franklin. Whether it was a music video, on the radio or reading up on her life. It is hard to let go of someone who has been a major part of your teenage years and continued to affect your adult life. So to start this “Flashback Friday,” I thought it would be great to feature another song by the Queen.
Being a big Rolling Stones fan, I thought this video would be a great one. It features Aretha Franklin, Whoopi Goldberg, Keith Richards and Ron Wood. I believe the cab driver was Jim Belushi.
Without further ado, let us listen to Aretha Franklin and the theme song from the movie “Jumping Jack Flash.”

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