Love Devine – Seal

To end this week’s “Soulful Sunday,” I going to jump forward to the 1980s and early 90s. Someone asked me the other day why I do not focus the music of that period and especially the music of Seal. So I promised I would feature a song by this British Songster.
Henry Olesugun Adeola “Seal,” Samuel was born to a Nigerian mother and South American father. He was raised, however, by foster parents.
Seal’s singing career started in the nightclubs of London, England until he joined an R&B, and Soul band, The Push. That was back in 1987, when the band went on tour in Japan, India and Thailand. He would leave Push in Thailand and work with a Blues band before returning to England.
His first hit called “Killer,” was a Number One hit in the United Kingdom and was the launch of his solo career.
“Love Devine,” became a hit off his self-titled 2003 album.
Let’s listen to Seal with “Love Devine.”
Signing off for this week. I hope the music took you back in time and made you think about what you were doing when these songs were released.
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