Love Is A Five Letter Word – Denise LaSalle

“Love Is A Five Letter Word,” was originally recorded by The Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings and it really is a great recording. I found this cover by Denise LaSalle, one of the Disco Queens and as usual she added some background as to why love would be a five letter word.
Denise LaSalle was born in Mississippi where she would have been surround by Gospel, Blues and Country music.
She moved to Chicago at an early age, where she started to hang around the city’s Blues performers. It was during that period when she started writing songs and giving them to Blues artists.
Denise was crowned the “Queen of The Blues,” when the great Koko Taylor passed away and in this song, although not an original still demonstrates why she is called that.
Let’s listen to Denise LaSalle singing “Love Is A Five Letter Word.”
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