Lovelite – O’Bryan

O’Bryan is my final artist for this session on “Flashback Friday.” He was born O’Bryan McCoy Brunette II, in North Carolina, but we know him by his stage name of O’Bryan.
He would be playing the piano at the age of six and singing in the church choir.
When he moved to Santa Ana, California he would continue as a member of a church choir. It was while singing in the First Baptist Youth Choir, that a friend Melanee Kersey introduced him to her husband Ron Kersey. Ron was part of the Philadelphia Sound and a former Keyboardists for the soul band The Trammps. Ron, in turn, introduced the young O’Bryan to the creator of television show Soul Train, Don Cornelius.
Don Cornelius shopped O’Bryan around to various record studios and eventually came to terms with Capitol Records.
Let us sign off with “Lovelite, by O’Bryan.
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