Move Your Body – Marshall Jefferson

My last selection for this week is from the “father of House music, Marshall Jefferson. Marshall is one of the original creators of House music in Chicago. In the dying days of Disco, a new sound emerged in the dance clubs around Chicago. Marshall a big fan of Hard Rock listening to bands like Black Sabbath and Aerosmith.
Through friends, he started to visit places like The Warehouse later to be called the Music Box. This was where DJ Knuckles started to experiment with mixing the Disco sound with the European Electronic sound. This would be called House music, shortening the name of the dance club. The Warehouse would later change its name to the Music Box under a new DJ, Ron Hardy. Hardy would be the one that influenced Marshall.
Marshall would pen and record the first real House song, that has become known as House Music’s Anthem.
Here is Marshall Jefferson with “Move Your Body.”

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