Never Knew Love Like This Before – Stephanie Mills

Do you remember the original production of “The Wiz,”back in 1975? She played Dorothy and she is my next performer. Can you believe that this artist at the age of nine won the hearts of the crowd at the famous Apollo? Well she did, six week straight.
This is a woman like my first star. People know her songs but when you ask them who the artist is, they cannot tell you her name.
Stephanie Mills started her career in the church.
This is another Motown alumni, the only difference is she never saw a major hit with the label.
One of her biggest hits was with another Soul artist, Teddy Pendergrass. With Teddy she did a cover of “Feel The Fire,” that is still a classic song.It was originally a hit by Peabo Bryson, but this is still a song that most lovers love with these two classic Soul singers.
Let us relax and listen to Stephanie Mills with “Never Knew Love Like This Before.”

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