Nothing Better Than Love – Luther Vandross & Gregory Hines

I have written about Luther Vandross and will again, so I thought it would be different to write about the other part of this duet, Gregory Hines.
Most of us know Gregory Hines as a successful dancer, and actor, but few of us know of him as a successful singer, which he was.
Gregory started out learning to dance at a very early age, two. He and his brother Maurice would study under a master tap dancer, Henry Le Tang. He would go on to perform at the Apollo Theater and improved his craft under such greats as the Nicholas Brothers and Harold “Sandman,” Sims.
In 1973, he would leave his father and brother to sing lead in a Rock band called Severance. The band was situated in California and released one album. His sojourn from dancing was short lived and he returned to New York and Broadway, where he had debuted in 1954, with his brother.

Gregory would win several Tony’s on Broadway for his dancing and singing, but it was a last minute stand-in for Richard Pryor in Mel Brook’s “History of The World Part One,” that would start another chapter in his career. Movie producers took note of his comedic timing and would cast him in other movies, notably “Cotton Comes To Harlem,” and “White Nights,” which he starred with Russian Ballet Star Mikhail Baryshnikov.
In 1986, he would record our next song with Luther Vandross, the song would hit Number One on the R&B charts.
Let us listen to Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines with “Nothing Better Than Love.”

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