Shake Your Body To The Ground – The Jacksons

That is a wrap folk, and we are leaving you with none other than The Jacksons when Michael was in his teens and perhaps thinking about going out as a solo act.
Joe Jackson had a dream of having his children form a group that would be number one in the world and he succeeded, but not without those children losing what we took for granted, a childhood.
I am sure that had a psychological impact on young Michael and formed his interactions with people in general. His showmanship started at an early age and I would say sometimes he could not differentiate between Michael the man and Michael the showman.
As I look at the video of the brothers singing the next song I see a teenager liking his brothers and being innovative in the dance moves and the song.
Have a great weekend. I enjoyed this week's showcase and I look forward to seeing you next time on “Flashback Friday.”
Here is The Jacksons with “Shake Your Body (To The Ground).”

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