Special Lady – Ray, Goodman & Brown

“Soulful Sunday,” people and time to listen to some music that will not only fill your ears but will capture your heart and your soul and this week I have some regular R&B and Soul artists and one or two new ones never featured before on Soulful Sundays.
Who remembers a group called The Moments? Well that group was the first to give us that soulful ballad “I Found Love On A Two-Way Street.” You know the same number that gave Stacy Lattisaw a major hit.
The Moments started out at Howard University in Washington D.C. At that time there were four members in the group and on occasions they would add a female voice. It is well believed that one of those female voices was that of Sylvia Robinson one of the owners of Stang Reords, the label to which the group had signed. Some of you might remember Sylvia as the singer of the song “Pillow Talk,” or has producing one of the first Hip Hop groups, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
The original Moments, left Stang Records, but could not take the name with them, because Sylvia owned the name. That is when the group became Ray, Goodman and Brown. The new make up was Harold Ray, Al Goodman and William “Billy,” Brown.

The Moments during the 1960s and 70s were considered one of if not the top groups in performances. Although two members are now deceased, Harry Ray and Al Goodman, the group still continues to tour.  Here is Ray, Goodman and Brown (RGB) with “Special Lady.”

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