Superwoman – Karyn White

Hello Soul Music fans, yesterday was record-breaking when it comes to the weather. It was a balmy -17C, the coldest November 22, on record here in the Nation’ Capital. The crazy thing is we are a little under a month for the official start to Winter. It looks like we are in for a long and cold winter up here in the frozen North.
Not to worry we have some hot Dance, R&B and Soul songs to turn up the heat? Let us start the festive season early. Get yourself some libations, sit down or stand and let us get started.
This week I am focusing on music from the year 1989 and starting us off is Karyn White.
Back in the 1980s, if you visited Los Angeles you would always see graffiti about L.A. Reid. Most of us that were into R&B, Soul and Quiet Storm, new he was responsible for producing some of the top artists and songs of the period along with his partner Babyface. So what does that have to do with Karyn White? Well, they produced her first album titled “Karyn White. Off that album, she would see four songs in the top ten. Three went to Number One on the R&B Singles chart and the other “Secret Rendezvous,” made it to Number Four.
Her second album, “Ritual Of Love,” was produced by another dynamic duo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Again she scored another Number One with “Romantic.” During that time she married Terry Lewis and shard two children. They would divorce after seven years.
Let us listen and rock to one of Karyn’s Number One hit “Superwoman.”

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