River Deep Mountain High – Ike & Tina Turner

January 6, 2019

If we can get past the abuse (mental and physical)Ike Turner inflicted on his musical partner and wife Tina Turner, we would see that he was a really talented musician. Ike and Tina Turner were pioneers of the Soul Genre. Ike Turner started out with his band The Kings Of Rhythm. They specialized in performing the Blues and perform they did. They became one of the most sought-after bands on…


Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday – William Bell

December 24, 2018

  Hello “Soulful Sunday,” followers I feel really great sharing the Sunday before Christmas with you all. Listening to some of the best Christmas songs sung by some of the greatest R&B, Soul and Gospel artist of our time. It is really incredible, I finished doing my shopping today and it was primarily for groceries, not presents. I remember when my daughters were small how I would rush around even…


Love Is A Five Letter Word – Denise LaSalle

October 28, 2018

  “Love Is A Five Letter Word,” was originally recorded by The Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings and it really is a great recording. I found this cover by Denise LaSalle, one of the Disco Queens and as usual she added some background as to why love would be a five letter word. Denise LaSalle was born in Mississippi where she would have been surround by Gospel, Blues and Country…


You’ve Got To Be A Winner – Huey “Baby,” Harris

September 7, 2018

  Well, I am about to sign off, but before I feature the last song for this “Flashback Friday,” I want to say it has been a really fantastic time relaxing here in Boston Bay, Portland, Jamaica. I was texting with a colleague yesterday and we were conversing about where to vacation in Jamaica. She mentioned that most of her friends are scared to vacation in Jamaica because of all…


To Sir With Love – Lulu

September 2, 2018

“Soulful Sunday,” folks and another sunny day in paradise. It rained heavy early morning, but the sun is out and the temperature is starting to rise. I hope this week’s selection will make the temperature rise where you are, if not in terms of degrees Celsius at least in your body. This week’s selection includes one Blue-eyed Soul artist from across the Big Pond. I know you will definitely love…


I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles

August 5, 2018

If James Brown is the “Godfather of Soul,” then Ray Charles Robinson is the “Father of Soul.” Ray Charles is considered one of the pioneers of Soul music. He was one of the first artists to combine Gospel, R&B, Country and Blues and make the new sound popular. Three tragedies would impact Ray’s early life. The first was the drowning of his younger brother George and the other was the…


You’ll Lose A Good Thing – Barbara Lynn

August 5, 2018

Hello guys and gals, welcome to “Soulful Sunday,” where R&B, Soul, Romantic-Soul and Quiet Storm music is the language of love. I want to take you back to a time when the music not only touched your body, but it touched your heart, your mind and your soul. It is a long weekend where I am at the moment in celebration of Jamaica’s Independence from the United Kingdom August 6,…


Use Me – Bill Withers

June 10, 2018

Bill Withers, Richie Havens, and Taj Mahal, where your Black folk/blues/Rhythm and Blues singers during the 1960s and 70s. Most will remember Richie Havens as one of the entertains at Woodstock. Taj Mahal wrote the score and starred in the Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield movie “Sounder.” Both Richie and Taj kept mostly to their roots of Blues and Folk music. Bill Withers, however, would crossover with his music. Songs…


Galaxy – War

May 25, 2018

Imagine, growing up in a neighbourhood where there were African-Americans, Latinos, and other racial groups from who could and did influence your musical style. Well that is what happened to a group called The Creators. Right from the start this band started to play, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Latin and Rock. That band would change its name to The Nightshift then the band we know as War, originally Eric…


Turn Around Look At Me – Esther Phillips

My next and final artist for this “Soulful Sunday,” reminds me of Billie Holiday and Etta James. Both had so much talent any song they touched was practically guaranteed to be a success. Esther Mae Philips was the same. She was only 13, when her sister entered in a talent contest, which she won. In the auditorium at the tie was Johnnie Otis who asked her to join his show….

April 22, 2018