Being With You – Smokey Robinson

Bob Dylan once called this next artist “America’s greatest living poet,”he must be. By the time he joined Motown as the lead singer of The Miracles, he had written over 100 songs. He would go on to write a large amount of Motown hits. He left The Miracles in 1972, to focus on his role of Vice-President at Motown, but the draw of the limelight and making music was too…

March 26, 2017

Mother Popcorn ( You Got To Have A Mother For Me) – James Brown

Here is a number that was rocking the discos back in 1969, by none other than the “Godfather of Soul,” “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business’” “Mr. Dynamite,” himself James Brown. This was one of the highest charting songs released by Mr. Brown. It even created a popular dance at the time known as “The Popcorn.” The thing about James Brown is not that he wrote a lot of…

January 6, 2017

Quote of The Week

“And I thought about how many people have loved those songs. And how many people got through a lot of bad times because of those songs. And how many people enjoyed good times with those songs. And how much those songs really mean. I think it would be great to have written one of those songs. I bet if I wrote one of them, I would be very proud. I…

December 15, 2016

Quote Of The Week

“Without Music to decorate it,time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” – Frank Zappa

December 8, 2016