Use Me – Bill Withers

June 10, 2018

Bill Withers, Richie Havens, and Taj Mahal, where your Black folk/blues/Rhythm and Blues singers during the 1960s and 70s. Most will remember Richie Havens as one of the entertains at Woodstock. Taj Mahal wrote the score and starred in the Cicely Tyson and Paul Winfield movie “Sounder.” Both Richie and Taj kept mostly to their roots of Blues and Folk music. Bill Withers, however, would crossover with his music. Songs…


“Sex Machine and Soul Power” – James Brown and The James Brown Band

This is a tribute to two of the original James Brown Band who passed away in September, Carleton “King” Coleman, 2010 and Bobby Howard Bryd, 2007. Check out the bass player, that is the Bootsy Collins that went on to create groups like Parliament, and Funkadelic. the James Brown Band is said to have been one of the tightest bands in Soul and Rhythm and Blues (R&B).

September 25, 2016