Soul/R&B Musicians that Died in June

Davis Eli “David” Ruffin, (The Temptations, Soul Stirrers), June 1, 1991 Anthony “Tony” Ulysses Thompson, (Hi-Five), June 1, 2007 Franklin Delano “Junior” Alexander Braithwaite, (Wailers), June 2, 1999 Benny Spellman, June 3, 2011 Cornelius “Neeny,” Richard Harp, (The Marcels), June 4, 2013 Jayare Cahron Childs, (Cali Swagg District), June 6, 2014 Marvin Isley (The Isley Brothers), June 6, 2010 Billy Preston, June 6, 2006 Melvin “Lil Phat” Vernell III, June…

October 11, 2017

Hyperbolicsyllablesesquedalymistic – Isaac Hayes

Hello my friends, it is a sunny and cold day here in Ottawa, Canada, so I am here to warm you up with some Friday warm up music. Here is the “Black Moses,” of Soul music, one of the top writers and artist at Stax Records Mr. Isaac Hayes singing “Hyperbolicsyllablesesquedalymistic.” Those that follow the beginning of discotheques and dance music, will remember this song along with some of my…

January 6, 2017

Battles Of the Bands, Apollo Theatre, 1985

Happy New Year everyone, I, for one, am happy 2016 is behind us. What a year for celebrity deaths. Prince, David Bowie, Joe Samples and the List goes on. I thought I would keep the party going, at least for today. January 1, is always a day for reflection, recovery and planning. What better way to do all that than by listening to this video that shows some of the…

January 1, 2017

Sweet Soul Music – Arthur Conley

Well I hope you have enjoyed this weeks selection. If you have leave a comment on the song you liked or on all of them. Tell your friends to visit to relive those days of dance and sweet soul music. Arthur Conley was fortunate to meet Otis Redding who liked a song he did “I’m A Lonely Stranger.” Redding asked him to re-release the song and following that release…

November 3, 2016

“Joy To The World” – Three Dog Night

I thought I would start off the weekend with a little Blue Eyed Soul. Blue Eyed Soul is music recorded by White artists who sounded or recorded songs that either covers of Rhythm and Blues (R&B) hits or original songs tha had a R&B sound.  Most of the time these songs were first picked up and became popular in the Black clubs. The group “Three Dog Night,” got its name…

October 1, 2016

“Cry To Me” – Solomon Burke

  Solomon Burke who sang like he was preaching was one of the pioneers of soul music. His style was very much R&B and he is considered and often times called “King Solomon,” “The King of Rock and Soul,” The Muhammed Ali of Soul,” and “The Bishop of Soul.” Although he could not move like is contemporaries, James Brown, Jackie Wilson and others he was considered one of if not…

September 18, 2016

Top 20 R&B Singles, 1960

Have you sat around with friends and you hear a song and you try to remember when it was released and who was the original artist? Well this list is for you and your friends. Before Race Music started to be called Soul it was classified as R&B. These are the top twenty releases in 1960: Brook Benton “Kiddio/The Same One” Brook Benton/Dinah Washington “Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)/I…

May 25, 2016