B-A-B-Y – Carla Thomas

Well I hope you had time to get comfy, and listen to some real romantic soul. This next artist ends this week’s selection, but the beauty of R&B and Soul is that between the 1950s and 1990s, we have some of the best ballads whether released by either Black or White artists. The important thing is it was music that crossed-over, because it was just that, really great and memorable….

October 29, 2017

Soul/R&B Musicians that Died in June

Davis Eli “David” Ruffin, (The Temptations, Soul Stirrers), June 1, 1991 Anthony “Tony” Ulysses Thompson, (Hi-Five), June 1, 2007 Franklin Delano “Junior” Alexander Braithwaite, (Wailers), June 2, 1999 Benny Spellman, June 3, 2011 Cornelius “Neeny,” Richard Harp, (The Marcels), June 4, 2013 Jayare Cahron Childs, (Cali Swagg District), June 6, 2014 Marvin Isley (The Isley Brothers), June 6, 2010 Billy Preston, June 6, 2006 Melvin “Lil Phat” Vernell III, June…

October 11, 2017

Just Out Of Reach – Solomon Burke

Welcome to “Soulful Sundays,” everyone. Did you know there was a Super Group called “The Soul Clan?” Well there was and it consisted of the top soul singers of the day. Solomon Burke came up with the idea and pitched to his fellow soul artists: Don Covay, Joe Tex, Ben E. King, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke. That was the original six with Arthur Conley joining to replace…

June 18, 2017

Soul and R&B Muscians Who Died in April

  Jesse Albert Stone, aka, Charles Calhoun, (The Blue Serenaders), April 1, 1999 Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. “Marvin Gaye” April 1, 1984 Robert “Rob,” Pilatus, ( Milli Vanilli), April 2, 1998 Charles Edwin “Edwin Starr”Hatcher, April 2, 2003 Homer Banks (Song Writer, Stax Records), April 3, 2003 Andre Decarlo “L.A. Dre,”Bolton, (AZ1), April 3, 2017 Harry “Boom Boom” McGilberry, (Temptation) April 3, 2006 Daniel “Danny,” Earl Rapp, (Danny and the…

June 15, 2017

Don’t Let Go – Isaac Hayes

It must feel out of this world to not only have a song that you co-wrote song by one of the top duos of the 60s and 70s, but have the Grammy Hall Of Fame recognised it has one of the influential songs in the past 50 years. That is what happened to the song “Soul Man,” song by Stax recording artists Sam And Dave. It also became the title…

April 28, 2017

“Shaft” – Isaac Hayes

Who remembers when the movie “Shaft,” came out? This was 1971, the soundtrack was written and recorded at Stax studio, where Hayes was an original writer and studio band player. Not only did the movie hustle in a period of “Black Exploitation” movies, but the track, a soul and Funk number, “Shaft” hit number two on the soul charts and number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Can you dig…

October 7, 2016

The Meaning of Soul Music

  I Love Music I have to thank my mother and father for introducing me to all genre of music, but especially the music of North America and the Caribbean. As my knowledge and curiousity grew I got to specialize in the type of music I wanted to purchase and listen. Do not get me wrong I still listen to all genre of music but the ones I listen to…

March 27, 2016