To Sir With Love – Lulu

“Soulful Sunday,” folks and another sunny day in paradise. It rained heavy early morning, but the sun is out and the temperature is starting to rise.
I hope this week’s selection will make the temperature rise where you are, if not in terms of degrees Celsius at least in your body.
This week’s selection includes one Blue-eyed Soul artist from across the Big Pond. I know you will definitely love this song and the singer.

Marie “Lulu,” McDonald McLaughlin Laurie was part of the group of singers and groups that put the United Kingdom (UK) on the musical map during the 1960s. All of the artists admired America’s R&B, Soul and Blues artists. Lulu was no exception.

In 1964, as part of the Luvvers, Lulu did a cover of the Isley Brother’s “Shout.” The song made it to Number 7, on the UK Charts. Lulu was only 15 at the time and signed to Decca Records. Her next releases did not do well on the charts until “Leave A Little Love,” which entered into the top ten.

In 1966, she would be the first British female to perform behind what was called the “Iron Curtain,” while on tour with the British group The Hollies.
Do you remember where you were in 1968 when Lulu not only sang the title song for the movie “To Sir With Love,” but she also starred in the movie alongside Sydney Poitier.
Here is Lulu with the title song from “To Sir With Love.”

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