We Go A Long Way Back – Bloodstone

We come to that time when I have to sign-off, fix myself something special, relax and continue listening to some sweet ballads on this Sunday. Those that are not aware this is the Sunday before Cannabis becomes legal in Canada. I do remember when the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol changed from 21 to 19 here in Ontario and I am sure those that use Marijuana for recreation, will also remember October 17, 2018, as a date of significance.
Most of the time we give recognition to those solo artists that ushered in the change over from straight R&B to Soul, but we should never forget that there were groups that should be included in the mix. One of those groups is Bloodstone.
Bloodstone came on the scene as a Doo-Wop group, known as The Sinceres. Like The Dells, the group was formed in high school.
After high school, the group moved to Los Angeles, where their name was changed from The Sinceres to Bloodstone. While in Los Angeles, the group members learned how to play instruments and became a formidable touring band. They did not score a contract in Los Angeles, but at the recommendation of their manager, they relocated to the United Kingdom, where they signed with Decca Records.
Here is Bloodstone with “We Go A Long Way Back.”
That is me boys and girls, hope you have a fantastic week and I will catch you on the flip side next Sunday.
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