Whatta Man – Salt & Pepa (Feat. En Vogue)

Welcome back to “Flashback Friday,” where we rev up the weekend with some old school R&B, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Dance and House music.
Well we are at the tale end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hope you had an opportunity to take advantage of all the discounts all the participating stores were offering. I kept quiet this year but I do have a few big ticket items I will need to purchase next year do to age, but until then I will just enjoy the music.
Last week I was reading an article about the night in 1979, when a Chicago Disc Jockey decided to destroy a crate of Disco Records. The chant at the time was of course “Disco Sucks.”
What Steve Dahl, a so-called Rock Disc Jockey did not know was that out of his prank another Genre of music would be born.
You see Disco did not die that night but morphed into what we know as House music and it started right there in Chicago.
I will let you listen to a couple of House selections, but I will include a vintage Hip Hop and a number by Prince.
Starting us off this week is one of the best female rappers of the  1980s and 1990s, Salt & Pepa with “Whatta Man.”

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