You Make Me Feel – Sylvester

The next artist, is probably the first singer I saw who dressed androgynously and was open about his sexuality. This, of course, was before Boy George, the lead singer of the British band, Culture Club.

Sylvester started singing at the age of three. His mother being very religious would carry her three boys to a Pentecostal church in the Watts area of Los Angeles. It is there that Sylvester started to sing, Gospel.
He left the church around the age of 13, because of two situations. The first was his affair with an older parishioner. It was this affair that caused his homosexuality to be known. Sylvester had to have surgery on his Anus and due to injuries and it was the doctor that informed his mother of Sylvester’s sexual leaning.
The second situation was due to the other parishioners finding out and making life difficult for his family. Sylvester was to leave the family home around the same time.
Sylvester cruised the gay bars in the area and threw wild parties with other African-American gays.
He left L.A. In the 1970s, and moved to San Francisco, the Mecca of an Alternative Life Style, Hippies, LGBTQ, and drugs. It was in San Francisco where he joined the Cockettes a drag troupe that performed in the area.
It was while on tour with the Cockettes, Sylvester decided to pursue a solo career. In pursuit of his solo career, he would form three bands, Sylvester and The Hot Band, The Four As. The first two bands mentioned had released albums that did very poorly. As they say, third time Is a charm and it was while auditioning for backup singers he met Marsha Wash. Sylvester asked her if she knew another heavy set woman that could sing. Marsha, of course, introduced him to Izora Armstead. It was the two women that chose the name “Two-Tons-Of Fun,” later to be changed to The Weather Girls.
Here is Sylvester with Two Tons of Fun and “You Make Me Feel.”

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