You’re The One For Me – D Train

Welcome folks to “Flashback Friday.” On Wednesday we had temperatures above 25C. Today if we get above 6C we will be lucky. I guess Summer is really over. Fortunately, we have some great R&B, Soul, Funk and Dance music to raise the body heat and lift your spirits right into the weekend.
D Train originally a duo of James Nelson Williams and Hubert Eaves III starts us off.
The duo was popular in the 1980s and our first number was their breakout hit. The song would reach Number One on Billboard’s Dance chart, but only Number 13 on the R&B chart.
D Train was a nickname given to James when he played Defensive Tackle in high school football. It was also the name of a train that runs in Brooklyn. So you can imagine how he played on the football field.
The duo would be active together from 1980 until 1985, when the separated. James following a solo career as songwriter, singer and backup singer. Hubert would continue as a session musician for the likes of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross.
Here is D Train with “You’re The One For Me.”

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