You’ve Got To Be A Winner – Huey “Baby,” Harris

Well, I am about to sign off, but before I feature the last song for this “Flashback Friday,” I want to say it has been a really fantastic time relaxing here in Boston Bay, Portland, Jamaica. I was texting with a colleague yesterday and we were conversing about where to vacation in Jamaica. She mentioned that most of her friends are scared to vacation in Jamaica because of all the violence and not being able to leave the resorts.
First of all yes there is violence in Jamaica, but it is rare you hear of any being directed against tourists. Do your homework, there are areas in Jamaica, where very famous movie stars and recording artists spend their time. One of those areas is where I spend most of my time here. I do venture out to places like Negril, Treasure Beach, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and various other sports, but I always return to my base.
Now I cannot afford the prices that the movie stars and recording artists can afford, but with a little research, you can always find AirBnBs and smaller hotel that is more affordable right across the island.
Portland is one of the safest resort areas in Jamaica and that is perhaps why the Jamaican Government does not market the area like it does the others. The beaches around Boston Bay are really great and you do not experience the hustling that goes on at the other resort areas. Do come and enjoy this side of Jamaica. The people are really friendly.
My last artist today is Baby Huey, or Huey “Baby,” Harris. A native of Chicago, Baby Huey did not get the recognition he should have. One of the best covers of the Sam Cooke song “A Change Is Gonna Come,” is by Baby Huey. You can find it on Everlasting-soul.
Well, let us leave off with Baby Huey doing “You’ve Got To Be A Winner.”
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